Welaptega completes mooring inspection campaign for BP in Angola

Underwater inspection provider Welaptega has used its optical chain measurement system (CMS). Measuring chain dimensions is critical for verifying chain corrosion and wear rate design assumptions. Welaptega’s 3D Modelling technology creates accurate geometric models for damage analysis. Thanks to an increased focus on efficiency and a continued commitment to reliability and meaningful data. It complete with new automated edge tracking software. When it comes to mooring inspections of offshore floating production installations, Welaptega is at the top of its class.

It execute a mooring inspection campaign for BP offshore Angola in challenging subsea conditions. Welaptega is a close knit, highly specialized team that performs to exceptionally high standards. Welaptega visited the Oceanology International exhibition at the excel. The project saw Welaptega use its new edge tracking data system and its patented CMS technology to inspect the mooring system. Welaptega will be presenting at the Marine, Construction, and Engineering Deepwater Development (MCEDD) Conference in Pau. The season for giving and in the spirit of giving the employees here at Welaptega.

“The warm waters found off the coast of Angola can lead to some of the highest corrosion rates around the globe”, Tyler de Gier, Welaptega’s general manager said.

The PSVM project is the deepest deepwater project in Africa. It repair solutions and strength assessments of damaged or degraded components. This is the result of more than 20 years of experience performing inspections and assessments in every corner of the globe. By using its CMS for data collection, Welaptega was able to provide accurate measurements. Welaptega has ridden the wave of change brought on by the recent industry downturn. It known to create significant challenges for reliable and accurate data collection.

The 3D Modelling technology will identify valuable defect characteristics. After a busy Summer 2018 that saw us inspect more than ten mooring systems. Class guidelines can be dense, cumbersome packets of information. Unlike traditional mechanical chain measurement tools, the use of optics allows for diameter measurements to be taken from video frame. The exhibition is known for being a world-leading marine science and ocean technology event that attracts engineers. The industry-leading event’s technical focus serves as a fantastic backdrop for strategic networking opportunities.

Things a bit different this year as there was a notable increase in the amount of breathing room on the exhibition floor. The tool gathers three measurements from a single placement. The data can be used to identify the most appropriate repair and maintenance strategy. Company travel the world showcasing our skills and make a lot of people’s days brighter. The exhibition still attracts delegates and exhibitors from all corners of the globe. The MCE Deepwater Development Technical Conference engages key members of the deepwater oil and gas community.

The technology uses an in-house designed camera system. It mean that deployment time is reduced, and the technology can complete an inspection 40% faster than traditional methods. The wide cross cultural exposure allow to add new skills to our performance and to bring our culture to the stage. The technical program works together with the focused exhibition and valuable networking opportunities. Company raise the bar for other performers and show them what they could achieve with the right attitude and work ethic. It create an environment conducive to better understanding the long-term vision of the global deepwater industry.

The Angle Tree Program began in 1993 and supplies food boxes to approximately 200 families over the Christmas holidays. The CMS is made up of four video cameras (depth rated for 3000m), integrated LED lighting control. It confirming that chains maintain minimum strength requirements throughout their lifetime. It crucial to the safe operation of offshore installations and are the result of a vast depth of knowledge and industry experience. A topside digital recording system that collects high quality video of the measurement locations.

Welaptega’s Director of Business Development Hisham Sheriteh will be bringing nearly 20 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. It supply gifts to approximately 250 children and feed an additional 300 families through their onsite foodbank in Enfield, NS. The new edge tracking software then allows the data to be processed and measurement results delivered offshore. The presentation will be part of the “Floating Production & Mooring Systems” portion of the conference. Company collected all of the supplies a family of four would need during the holiday season.

It build client base through reputation for delivering on promises. It scheduled to take place on October 6th, the second of three conference days. It is vital that operators have accurate data on the integrity of the safety critical systems. Summer 2018 saw Welaptega perform two multi-asset mooring inspection campaigns in the North Sea. It decline in attendance is not a surprise considering the scrutiny many organizations place on budgets in a $40/barrel environment. It secure new contracts and renew old because of our reliability and professionalism.

Oceanology International is not alone when it comers to declining attendance numbers. The near-constant long period swells and resulting vessel motions in this region make it a challenging area. Mr. Sheriteh’s presentation as it is not one to be missed. It deploying equipment and collecting measurement data. It Suitable for use on pipelines, wellheads, field architecture and mooring components, the 3D Modelling technology. There are some notable differences between the Harlem Globetrotters and Welaptega. Available globally, Welaptega’s Chain Measurement System (CMS) is an optical caliper measurement technology.

The data is then processed to produce measurements of intergrip diameters and link length. Looking ahead to later this month, Welaptega is off to the Australian Northwest Shelf to inspect some of the largest mooring systems. The innovative optical CMS caliper allowed us to collect accurate data quickly. The Welaptega 3D Modelling technology is the most accurate currently available on the market. The guidelines outline the minimum inspection standards for safe operations can be vague. There is no risk of environmental damage, nor loss of lives, nor risk of damage to multi-million dollar assets. This is a relationship which company hope to continue to develop in the future.

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