Tracerco lands subsea inspection projects in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and West Africa

Tracerco has been awarded 7 subsea inspection projects to provide critical flow assurance. Tracerco has added to its award-winning range of advanced nucleonic instrumentation. Resman AS and Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc, have mutually agreed to discontinue litigation. It flowlines and risers in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Offshore West Africa. Tracerco, part of the FTSE100 company, Johnson Matthey Plc, has added to its award-winning range of radiation monitors. Two employees from Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey Plc are celebrating their recent success at The Environment agency.

Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey plc, has been awarded LR recognition for its acclaimed subsea CT scanner: Discovery. Through the use of Discovery, each operator will obtain full tomographic images of pipe wall thickness. Tracerco, part of the FTSE100 company, Johnson Matthey Plc, has announced the launch of a new fast scanning application. Tracerco, part of Johnson Matthey plc, has launched a new and innovative product. The contents to gain an enhanced understanding of pipeline condition. It enable offshore operators in the oil and gas and offshore renewables market to ensure the quality.

“We create value for our customers through the development of innovative technologies”, said Paul.

Jennifer Briddon, one of Johnson Matthey’s young integrity engineers claimed the top prize in the 2016 Pipeline Industries. As CT scanning provides a non-intrusive inspection method, all assets will remain operational throughout each project. It designed using innovative scintillator based technology. The two companies have entered into a global patent licence agreement under which Tracerco will have access to Resman’s inflow monitoring patents. It limiting the potential of any further deferment of production. Both Resman and Tracerco provide essential reservoir monitoring services enabling oil and gas companies.

The event was held 14th March at Sunderland Software Centre, north east of England, brought together end-users. Tracerco has completed further R&D work on the unique technology to develop a new method. The unique technology known as Tracerco Diagnostics Grout Monitoring. The first of the two inspection projects awarded in the North Sea will focus on an integrity assessment. The new development for Discovery means that once a potential anomaly has been identified via the fast scanning method. The event held annually as part of PIG’s Young Person’s paper competition.

The pipeline coating had been noticeably damaged. The PED-ER has been designed to keep things simple. The challenge set was to explore and rapidly develop creative and revolutionary ideas. The Qualification Trials of Discovery were conducted in a simulated subsea environment at Tracerco’s HQ in Billingham. Discovery will be used to determine whether the damage extended to the pipeline itself. UK and successfully determined the depth limit for reliable POD (Probability of Detection). The second project will be a repeat inspection of another export pipeline.

This eliminates the requirement of a separate scan and the need to deploy a secondary technology to validate the findings. This allows offshore operators to determine that the density of the grout is as specified in the design. There has been any further degradation to the pipe wall thickness since the initial inspection in 2015. It could help transform how environmental information could be better shared and communicated to deliver local action. This data will be used as part of an ongoing pipeline life time assessment program. It gives five young engineers the chance to win the highly coveted “Carron Trophy” as well as the opportunity to attend.

Tracerco’s industry-leading hydraulic frac, acid stimulation and interwell tracing technologies. Steve Heasman and Owen Jones beat off stiff competition within the 24-hour period. In the GoM, Discovery will be used to inspect the flowline and riser of a gas line for potential integrity issues. Kim Thye Lee at Tracerco stated “By enhancing the capabilities of Discovery™, operators now have the ability to quickly. Tracerco’s unique Grout Monitoring System ensures that accurate grout data profiles can be quickly obtained. It look for potential condensate hold-up. The system would provide easy to understand data visualisations and insights.

The PED-ER+ has the same unique features as the PED-ER in terms of portability. The capabilities were determined in accordance with recognised guidelines for offshore pipelines. The further validated using Non-destructive Examination standards specifically for the technique of Computed Tomography (CT). Discovery will also be used in the GoM to obtain initial critical baseline integrity data on a new pipeline system. With non-intrusive inspection through any type of protective pipeline coating, defects can be fully characterised faster than ever.

Discovery will then be deployed annually to reinspect the new pipeline system. This enables customers in the oil, gas, petrochemical, refining and mining industries. The platform would provide a way to recruit people to your project as well as link experts and local sponsors to ongoing efforts. The final three projects, awarded in West Africa, will be the first subsea inspection projects in the region for Tracerco. Most notably, the PED-ER+ can be used as both a Personal Dosimeter and a handheld dose rate survey meter. Discovery will be used to inspect a number of flowlines to determine whether it can be extended past their original design life.

It will enable operators to save on time, resource and ultimately the cost of an inspection campaign. The year’s entrants, drawn from the water and oil and gas industries, gave presentations on a wide variety of topics. The real time data on a variety of integrity issues including pipeline corrosion, pitting and wall thinning. The first two inspection campaigns utilising Discovery as a fast scanning technology. With more than 3,000 scans completed on more than 70 pipelines since its launch. The quality and volume of inspection data obtained provided customers with sufficient statistical confidence.

Discovery has been at the forefront of subsea pipeline inspection. The PED-ER+ comes complete with Bluetooth technology. Since the launch in 2013, discovery has been deployed across a number of geographic locations. It combined with live data recording and robust analysis. Company obtaining accurate measurements of pipe wall thickness through any type of protective coating. Tracerco has captured, analysed data and provided valuable process optimisation insights to the customers. The system can be interfaced with any type of ROV. Characterizing flow abnormalities without interruption to normal pipeline operations.

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