TGS completes new multibeam and coring program in Brazil’s Campos and Santos basins

TGS announced the completion of a new multibeam and coring program covering over 213,0000 square kilometers in the Campos. TGS announced that it has completed a transaction to purchase over 800 square miles of onshore 3D seismic surveys. TGS, in partnership with AustinBridgeporth, has been granted exclusive rights to acquire the world’s highest resolution gravity imagery.

This study, known as a SeepHunter campaign, includes the results of 342 conventional cores. The Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority (LPRA), has announced the launch of the next licensing round, expected to commence in April 2020. TGS announced that it has completed the sale of one of its seismic datasets to OGCI Climate Investments’ Net Zero Teesside project.

Additionally, advanced geochemistry has been performed on over 60 core samples to date. TGS announced the commencement of its 2020 South Halfway 3D onshore seismic survey. This service is now free to register and allows users to identify, view, purchase, download. The new, high-end re-imaging workflow is designed to provide enhanced imaging and greater illumination of prospectivity in the area.

“We are very pleased to have completed this monumental undertaking in Brazil”, Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS said.

This dataset will further expand TGS’ existing 3D multi-client library in the MSGBC Basin. The National Oil Company of Senegal, PETROSEN, has announced the launch of the country’s first offshore licensing round. The survey merges into TGS’ existing onshore Canadian seismic data coverage in the condensate region. TGS is making significant investments in geoscience projects in the region.

The South Halfway 3D is the second multi-client onshore project this winter season in the NEBC Montney basin for TGS. The program comprises data covering more than 380 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) blocks from orthogonal 3D WAZ programs. The survey falls over blocks A2/A5 where sub-surface structures have been identified as being on-trend with the SNE discovery immediately north in Senegal.

It included 2D and 3D regional seismic acquisition. The data is available for licensing immediately. This update is a big step towards the company’s vision of providing a single platform. The dataset will be reprocessed and pre-stack merged into the Jaan program, a 29,000 square kilometer 3D covering the prospective paleo-shelf edge.

Additional SeepHunter programs are also planned. The first phase, which surveys the Upper Egypt region, was signed by Ganope Chairman. Full product delivery of Declaration Refocus is expected at the end of 2020, which will solidify TGS’ core position in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. This important data addition aligns with strategy of investing in frontier and emerging basins.

“We will continue to prioritize Brazil as it remains a world class petroleum basin”, president said.

This transaction supports TGS’ onshore growth strategy with the addition of key surveys. The data is to be used to verify the suitability for storage of CO2 in offshore reservoirs. The company expect to see further discoveries made in this basin. The round will be open for six months until the end of July 2020 and will comprise 10 offshore exploration blocks.

In 2018, TGS expanded its Santos 3D program over the prospective southern Santos basin offshore Brazil. These new datasets strengthen the position in core areas of onshore US. TGS holds a range of data across this acreage to support the licensing round, including 2D seismic. It completed and processed by TGS, the Midnight 3D project will result in 168 square kilometers of high-quality 3D seismic data.

Combined with long-offset 2D seismic surveys over most of the Santos and Campos basins. The South Halfway project adds nearly 100 square kilometers of high-quality 3D seismic data. The key objective behind this update was to create an improved user experience within R360 based on customer responses. The company is also currently acquiring additional 3D seismic data to provide potential bidders.

TGS will further illuminate key subsurface structures and continue to provide the industry with unprecedented insight. TGS provides multi-client geoscience data to oil and gas Exploration and Production companies worldwide. The 3D surveys cover an area south of the major oil and gas discoveries in the Santos Basin. The result is a newly enhanced interface with a layout designed to streamline workflows.

TGS also offers advanced processing and imaging services, interpretation products. The new imaging project will process data from the prolific Mississippi Canyon. The MSGBC Basin is home to several recent high-profile oil and gas discoveries. It increases the TGS’s contiguous Montney 3D seismic coverage to over 1,500 square kilometers.

Beyond these significant discoveries, modern exploration activity has been limited in the region. Particular attention will be given to increasing frequency content and resolution throughout the entire data section. The majority of the blocks and acreage offered in the licensing round are in ultra-deepwater depths. The recent highly sought-after blocks offered in Rounds 15 and 16.

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