TGS adds U.S. unconventional log databases from Petrophysical Solutions

TGS announced the purchase of all U.S. onshore petrophysical log database and associated intellectual property from Petrophysical Solutions, Inc. TGS announced the completion of a new multibeam and coring program covering over 213,0000 square kilometers. The Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority (LPRA) has announced the launch of the next licensing round, expected to commence in April 2020.

TGS announced that it has completed the sale of one of its seismic datasets to OGCI Climate Investments. Company announced the commencement of its 2020 South Halfway 3D onshore seismic survey. These petrophysical interpretations, derived from well log and core analysis relationships in approximately 1,400 wells within key unconventional basins.

The new, high-end re-imaging workflow is designed to provide enhanced imaging and greater illumination of prospectivity in the area. This service is now free to register and allows users to identify, view, purchase, download. It will be added to the current TGS data library. Customers will benefit from high-quality interpretation to aid in reducing risks.

“This data acquisition supports critical points in our ongoing strategy to provide our customers with industry-leading basin”, Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, commented.

TGS is commencing a new seismic survey in the MSGBC Basin, offshore north-west Africa. TGS announced the commencement of its Midnight 3D onshore seismic survey to further solidify its core position in the Inga/Fireweed area. It increase the probability of drilling successes and increase production by optimizing landing zones.

The South Halfway 3D is the second multi-client onshore project this winter season in the NEBC Montney basin for TGS. The Senegal North Ultra-Deep Offshore (SN-UDO-19) 3D survey covers over 5,100 square kilometers. A full suite of AVO-compliant reservoir characterization products. Accurate parameters determined from petrophysical analysis will make customers’ completion programs more successful.

The next steps were unanimously agreed, to allow the government of Liberia to conduct a successful license round. The South Halfway 3D project is another great addition to TGS’ high quality seismic data coverage in the Montney basin. The program comprises data covering more than 380 Outer Continental Shelf blocks (~8,860 km2) from orthogonal 3D WAZ programs.

It will further strengthen TGS’ position as the leading supplier of enhanced well data onshore U.S. This stand-alone survey is located in northern Senegal. This update is a big step towards the company’s vision of providing a single platform. TGS brings additional value to this data by utilizing LAS Plus (LAS+) premium digital well logs as a starting point for petrophysical interpretation.

It attract the right investors to this promising exploration region. The key objective behind this update was to create an improved user experience within R360 based on customer responses. The survey has been designed to illuminate plays in the ultra-deep. The survey merges into TGS’ existing onshore Canadian seismic data coverage in the condensate region.

LAS+ are edited, depth-corrected and composed to provide curves with maximum depth coverage. TGS provides multi-client geoscience data to oil and gas Exploration and Production companies worldwide. It enabling explorers to build upon the success the basin has experienced with the Sangomar field. All statements in this press release other than statements of historical fact are forward-looking statements.

“We are very pleased to have completed this monumental undertaking in Brazil”, said Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS.

It assuring that the data used in the creation of the resulting petrophysical interpretation is of the highest quality and accuracy. The factors include TGS reliance on a cyclical industry and principal customers. The result is a newly enhanced interface with a layout designed to streamline workflows. The project has a 75-day acquisition timeline.

Furthermore, the petrophysical logs will enhance TGS’ Data & Analytics efforts, most notably ARLAS. Nine blocks will be on offer in the Harper Basin, one of the last unexplored and undrilled regions offshore West Africa. The survey will provide the industry with essential subsurface insight ahead of Senegal’s Offshore License round. Midnight project is an excellent addition to our existing Montney 3D seismic database in Canada.

Analytics Ready LAS, by offering models calibrated on actual rock samples to constrain machine learning algorithms. TGS is making significant investments in geoscience projects in the region. TGS’ ability to continue to expand markets for licensing of data. It filling gaps of log curves and calculating the curve responses of missing log runs.

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