SUEZ opens one of the world’s largest R&D labs in Texas

* New State-of-the-Art Laboratory to Provide Expanded Focus on Downstream

Refining, Petrochemical, and Upstream Oil & Gas Processing Applications

* Expansive Analytical Laboratory Provides Water, Oil, Deposits,

Microbiological, Metallurgical, and Process Fluids analysis for SUEZ’s entire

North American client base


SUEZ has opened one of the world’s largest, most advanced analytical laboratories to

serve its growing client base, including the booming refining and petrochemical

market, as well as oil and gas operations along the Gulf Coast and beyond. The

facility, which will support SUEZ’s global research efforts, is located in Tomball,

Texas. Heiner Markhoff, CEO of SUEZ’s Water Technologies & Solutions business

unit, welcomed Mayor Gretchen Fagan, the Tomball Economic Development

Corporation, and more than 50 highly trained R&D experts who will staff the SUEZ lab.


“Our new, world-class lab facility is a prime example of the investment we are making to the

oil and gas industry and to our customers as a whole,” said Markhoff. “Through our high- quality analytical testing, lab support, and research and development activities, we are

helping our customers extend the life of capital equipment, improve operations, and

overcome environmental and regulatory challenges.”


SUEZ’s new laboratory, located north of Houston, houses 80 employees, of which over 50

are highly trained engineers, chemists, and technicians. Together they will process over

100,000 samples and conduct more than 300 customer studies each year while addressing

the needs of SUEZ’s entire customer base. The lab will support R&D for the oil and gas

industry and conduct a range of laboratory services, including customers’ water analytical

testing, scale and corrosion deposits testing, metallurgical analysis, corrosion coupon testing,

and fuel oil analyses.

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