Stress Engineering Services launches new digital flex joint angle monitoring system

Stress Engineering Services has developed a digital flex joint angle measurement system for monitoring real-time drilling operations. The global leader in consulting engineering services and solutions has entered into an agreement with Optimum Program Ltd. The acquisition will provide high-resolution pipe ID scanning hardware and imaging software while enhancing SES’s competencies within upstream.

The digital flex joint system uses the core technology of the award winning and patented real-time fatigue monitoring system (RFMS). Stress Engineering Services is proud to announce that our Corporate Marketing Director, Alan Carlock. This weekend, Dakota Dickerson clinched the Championship during Rounds 12 & 13 of the F3 Americas Championship.

The technology has been leveraged and improved to determine quasi-static. These previously separate tools have been fully integrated to significantly improve management of floating production facilities. Thanks to his inventive, collaborative spirit, Kenneth has long been a respected and successful leader.

Data and power transmission are provided through the mux system; which is first successful system of its kind with minimal drift. The RFMS provides dynamic subsea measurements with a high degree of reliability for the drilling riser. Stress Engineering and LaserStream will support drilling riser condition-based maintenance (CBM) programs.

“It is with great respect and honor that I take on the role of CTO at SES”, Bhalla said.

The development adds to the strength of SES’s present technology portfolio of asset-based surveillance systems together. RiGUARD combines SES’ offshore drilling analytics expertise with the Optimum Program data-driven drilling riser maintenance program. The acquisition adds to the strength of SES’s present technology portfolio of service.

The company furthers its commitment to bringing innovation to the marketplace. SES’s predictive data analytics and IoT ecosystem to manage and assess client operations. The enhanced level of services will vastly benefit those with a stake in identifying and managing risks and the deterioration of their tubular assets.

The pilot program provides Shell with innovative automation, digitalization and data analysis techniques. The enhanced level of services provided by this system during drilling operations will vastly benefit. SES’s CBM process supports structural integrity evaluation and maintenance assessments of drilling risers to assess the condition of drilling riser joint.

The program focuses on facility motions, riser and tendon response data. The stake in identifying and managing risks and any asset deterioration due to key seating. Future phases of the program will incorporate other asset information to provide a single pane of glass solution to monitor system performance.

“We believe that growing our existing capabilities and offering practical solutions to our clients is critical to our success”, Kenneth Bhalla, chief technical officer said.

Road America is listed among every driver’s favorite track. This process is function-based on a tailored period, rather than time-based, improving performance economics. This is the second of five technology qualification stages to be completed by Stress and LaserStream.

The digital flex joint angle monitoring system is an innovative development process. Company has received the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award from the ANA Houston Lantern Awards of Texas. The NeoSight system will be an important element for digital asset integrity management agenda.

Company excited to offer this capability to drilling contractors. The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented in recognition of someone who has made significant contributions. For this project, a life cycle CBM system will be deployed and performed on the MODU.

The data-driven maintenance program incorporates riser condition. Surrounded by nature, its beautiful grounds filled with trees and camping sites attract many fans from all over, year after year. Kenneth Bhalla is a principal and Chief Technology Officer at Stress Engineering Services.

“Our ABS-qualified CBM process will remove uncertainties surrounding damage of the riser joints”, Chuck Miller, vice president, Stress Engineering Services said.

This alliance with Optimum adds innovative capability that enhances the digital elements of our CBM program. The associated insight helps us focus on safety, identify measurable risks. Company pleased to collaborate with Stress and LaserStream on these technologies.

It may enhance surveillance during drilling operations, manage risk. Entries were judged in the areas of commitment to business-to-business marketing discipline. The drivers all agree that Road America has great race fans. It has more than 20-yrs of experience spanning various technology developments.

Company excited to form the RiGUARD alliance and look forward to providing world class service to our clients with this state-of-the-art technology. It manage economics with actionable data and ultimately provides us with better information on the health of our assets.

This cumulative effort delivers a program that offers customers not only a transparent. Stress Engineering Services, Inc. has been a global leader in consulting engineering services. The technology Qualification process is a natural step in the journey of digital innovation and new technologies that support our industry.

The platform’s capacity to gather standardized data allows for credible analysis. Noble is a leading offshore drilling contractor for the oil and gas industry. The resulting in continuous improvement and value delivery in the realm of predictive maintenance. SES will gain Laserstream’s state-of-the-art equipment.

Alan is the Corporate Marketing Director at Stress Engineering Services. NeoSight FPS is a digital twin for floating production systems built on SES’ proprietary NeoSight platform. The continued development of monitoring and inspection techniques that harness innovative automation. It ensure safety and maximize uptime with a positive impact on their operating expenses.

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