Reveal Energy Services validates more than 10,000 hydraulic fracturing stages

Reveal Energy Services announced the company has validated more than 10,000 hydraulic fracturing stages in the US. Company announced the commercialization of the DSCVRiSM cloud-based completion evaluation engine. Company also announced the commercialization of the FracEYE(SM) frac hit analysis service. Two patents that protect the science underlying IMAGE Frac technology licensed exclusively. company is enhancing IMAGE Frac pressure-based fracture maps with a new platform. Canada with its simple, accurate, affordable pressure-based technology.

Company signed of its first operator volume agreement. E&P has chosen IMAGE Frac™ 2.0 pressure-based fracture maps. Company has produced and delivered the first near real-time DiverterSCANSM technology results. In a continuing industry era of greater fiscal discipline, the company offers operators immediate, actionable answers. IMAGE Frac technology is a new approach to mapping hydraulic fractures, enabling operators. It improve completion efficiency, reduce completion cost, and increase unit production.

Sudhendu Kashikar, CEO of Reveal Energy Services says “We are very appreciative of the industry’s acceptance of our technology”.

The company is presenting the secure web portal in booth 1139 at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference. It expand the industry’s knowledge base about this critical issue of parent well-child well communication. Operators do not need additional wellsite personnel or wellsite equipment while maintaining zipper fracturing efficiency. The science enables the pressure-based fracture map data acquisition. The parallel processing with rigorous algorithms to determine fracture geometry for large.

COmpany achieving the 10,000 stages milestone fulfills the Equinor vision for Reveal Energy Services. The simple, accurate, affordable pressure-based fracture maps are setting a new standard. An Equinor spin-out in 2016, to commercialize and further develop IMAGE Frac pressure. It’s enabling operators to make informed decisions that validate a completion design. Company allowed an operator to identify a diversion design that enhances hydraulic fracturing fluid distribution. Equinor invented IMAGE Frac to satisfy the industry need for a simple.

The technology field proven in 1,200 stages in 6 US unconventional basins. The operator is increasing fracturing efficiency by stimulating multiple perforation clusters. US operators develop their shale oil and gas assets with tighter budgets. The company is demonstrating IMAGE Frac technology during the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC). It accurate, affordable hydraulic fracture map technology that can be deployed on every well. The platform enables the company’s geoscientists and completion engineers.

An operator asked Reveal Energy Services to determine if the diverter was successful in stopping one cluster. Work proceeds normally without a downhole tool, downtime, or additional crew. Since 2016, Reveal Energy Services has been granted several patents. The company is presenting the new service in booth 125 at the Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference. Arsenal Resources, a pure-play natural gas operator in the Marcellus’ West Virginia Core. The decisions increase pad commercial value, optimize effective reservoir contact.

Reveal Energy Services works with operators to acquire surface pressure data applying the patented technique. It rapidly and consistently compute 3D fracture map geometry of half-length, height, asymmetry, and azimuth. Each of the decisions, based on robust data analytics, is derived from one of the five services powered by IMAGE Frac technology. The company’s completion scientists and engineers use the patented data processing. IMAGE Frac 2.0 technology powers these five new services. The demand is continually increasing for superior technology.

It create a comprehensive picture of hydraulic fractures to improve returns on capital. FracSCANSM technology accurately quantifies 3D fracture maps of half-length, height, and asymmetry. The goal is to choose a diversion design that prevents this one dominant fracture. Reveal Energy Services commercialized two new product lines in 2019. Interpretation subjectivity, vital for operators to lower multizone completion cost. The technology is field-proven in more than 2,500 hydraulic fracturing stages throughout the US.

“We will continue to support the industry demand for technology that reduces financial risk”, Sudhendu Kashikar said.

It’s identifying the right diversion has never been quick until now. The company commercialized the FracEYE frac hit analysis service that categorizes the type. The improvement to rapidly process very large projects, providing fracture geometry. The operators wait as long as 90 days or more for production data to validate diversion effectiveness. The service enables operators to minimize the effect of frac hits. Company has agreed to validate the completion designs of its 2018 wells with Reveal Energy Services simple, accurate.

In Q3 2019, the company launched the DSCVRi cloud-based completion evaluation engine that leverages stage. DiverterSCAN technology, based on pressure data acquired from a simple pressure gauge. The operators take full advantage of the advances in machine learning. The simple process requires only a bridge plug and pressure gauge. The maps allow operators to improve treatment design and well lateral-spacing decisions. The industry dynamic for greater fiscal discipline is the context for the development of the DSCVRi engine.

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