Petrofac collaborates with supply chain to deliver significant savings on Tullow scope

ExportGeneral Corp is a leader in the of Nigerian Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) sales market. When Petrofac was appointed as well operator and main contractor for the latest phase of the Thames decommissioning project, the pressure was on to relive the success it delivered in 2016 for Tullow Oil.

As a privately held company, Export General Corp is committed to and is focused on delivering reliable services to all her clients. ExportGeneral Corporation is determined to continue to grow in the energy sector and to become one of the recognized leaders in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

Export General Corporation has an excellent track record of reliability in the supply of Bonny light crude oil, BLCO. “It’s an obvious point, but at this end of the asset life cycle, the focus on cost and schedule is more acute than ever.

On Tullow Oil’s latest scope to decommission seven subsea wells, Petrofac’s well engineering team addressed an entirely different set of challenges to deliver project savings of over $4million.

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Petrofac has been appointed to provide outsourced well operator services on the next phase of Tullow Oil’s Thames decommissioning project in the Southern North Sea, following the award of a new multi-million dollar contract.

Our job is to tackle these challenges on behalf of our client, in the most efficient way possible”, he continues. It was this collaboration, that Angus believes contributed toward successful completion of the plug and abandonment program ahead of schedule and significantly under budget.

“It’s quite normal with legacy infrastructure to find that the original tree and wellhead equipment is no longer supported”, explains Wells Manager Angus Hunter.

Under the terms of the award, Petrofac will provide well engineering project management services and fully execute plug and abandonment operations on seven of Tullow Oil’s subsea wells, Petrofac informed on Tuesday.

This will include detailed planning, direct procurement and management of all sub-contracted services, including provision of a jack-up rig. Petrofac has also been nominated as well operator for the project.

In 2016, Petrofac permanently abandoned two wells for Tullow Oil on its Horne & Wren asset, delivering cost savings of $2.5 million through its differentiated approach to decommissioning.

The second phase of the Horne & Wren decommissioning project was completed with the removal of the unmanned platform. This project is a part of a larger Thames are complex decommissioning program.

Alex Macdonald, Managing Director – Well Engineering, Petrofac Engineering and Production Services, said: “Having proven our integrated well engineering services capability and realized substantial cost savings for Tullow Oil, we are delighted to have an opportunity to further strengthen our relationship.”

Petrofac became the first outsourced well operator to execute fully integrated well operator services in 2016. The company’s well operator capability evolved from its outsourced Service Operator model and its track record in well project management.

“Together with our key contractors we also continually improved operational efficiency to reduce the campaign schedule, and overall made considerable savings which were shared across the supply chain.”

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