Peterson expands Caribbean presence with new Repsol project

Energy logistics company Peterson has been awarded a major contract with Repsol Exploracion Guyana. The KBD-2X well completed by Repsol and partners PETRONAS and MOECO provides preliminary estimation. The company’s net income was 1.133 billion euros in the first six months. Repsol has agreed the development of two wind projects in the Spanish regions of Aragon. S.A., selected as the main logistics contractor for the Carapa 1 exploration. Repsol and its partners have achieved first oil in Buckskin. Repsol Chairman Antonio Brufau, at the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting held last week in Madrid.

The drilling project, providing Repsol with integrated supply base operations management. Repsol’s exploration strategy is geared toward maximizing use of gas. The projects represent a significant step in Repsol’s strategic objective. It’s originally planned for late 2019, the project has come online ahead of schedule. Repsol and LLOG have signed an Asset Exchange and Joint Participation agreement on lat month. The facility, located at the Repsol service station in Lopidana Repsol’s Board of Directors has called the Annual General Meeting for May 31st. Peterson will service the project from Trinidad and Guyana.

Peterson continue to support the local community in these regions. It compared with 1.546 billion in the same period of the previous year. Buckskin stands as an example of lean operation thanks to an optimized development plan based on technology. The agreement comprises the Leon and Moccasin discoveries. Proximity between the projects. The new ultra-fast charging system, with a maximum power output of 700 kW. The energy logistics provider has put a strong focus on training. The company has achieved 90% of its target capacity for low-emissions generation. In Buckskin, Repsol has a 22.5% working interest, while LLOG operates the field with a 33.8% interest.

“We are delighted to have won this new contract with Repsol”, Maarten Spiljard, director, business development said.

PETRONAS and MOECO have made the largest gas find in Indonesia in 18 years. Repsol consolidates its position as a major player in the generation of low-emissions electricity. Chief Executive Officer Josu Jon Imaz explained the company’s main achievements over the past year. It providing the opportunity for synergies and efficiency gains. Repsol plans to install this technology at four other service stations belonging to its network in 2019. The energy logistics provider has put a strong focus on training. The discovery is also among the ten largest finds worldwide in the last 12 months.

The discovery was made in the Sakakemang block in South Sumatra. Repsol will develop three renewable energy projects two wind farms and a solar power plant. Repsol and LLOG Exploration Offshore announced the start of oil production from the ultra-deepwater. Repsol obtained its highest profit in the last eight years. Technical knowledge, process innovation, and experience in lean operations will help to accelerate the projects. It improving the community and keeping this project local demonstrates. The acquisitions represent a significant step in Repsol’s strategic.

The achievement is a successful demonstration of lean operations that the company has rolled out globally. The Board has approved a series of proposals that represent a new step forward in corporate governance. The Company will continue the exploratory work in the coming months with an additional planned appraisal well. Repsol has consolidated its position as a major player in the generation of low-emissions electricity. The shareholders also approved the re-election of directors Antonio Brufau. The opening ceremony for the facility, which is one of the first of its kind in southern Europe.

“Having this charging point allows Repsol to remain a leader in mobility in Spain”, said Josu Jon Imaz.

It reaffirms the commitment to the Caribbean region. Repsol has cooperated closely with SKK Migas on the exploration activity. The projects announced, which will be managed by the Repsol Electricidad y Gas unit. It increase the efficiency of exploration and production projects through the use of technology. Repsol Chairman Antonio Brufau, at the Annual General Shareholders’ meeting held last week in Madrid. Peterson and Repsol have had a strong working relationship to date. It carried out in the block and continues to work on next steps with Indonesian authorities. Antonio Brufau advocated technological neutrality to tackle the energy transition.

Company look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead. Indonesia is the focus of Repsol’s exploration investments in Southeast Asia. It includes a capital gain of 344 million euros from the sale of its interest in Naturgy. The new renewable projects already have land secured as well as a guaranteed connection. The phase one production rate at Buckskin is anticipated to reach 30,000 barrels of oil per day. The Repsol Chairman said that free competition is basic for the development of competitive societies. LLOG will operate Leon with a 33% of working interest, while Repsol will have 50%.

Peterson has been active in Trinidad since 2012, setting up a formal operation in 2014. Repsol holds severals licences in Sumatra, both onshore and offshore. Repsol has a specialized renewable energy team with extensive experience. It discovered by Repsol in 2009 at a depth of 28,750 feet 8,763 meters. A delineation well is planned for the second half of the year. Repsol plans to offer this cutting-edge technology at four other service stations belonging to its network in 2019. The board will propose the re-election of directors Antonio Brufau, Josu Jon Imaz. It support service companies and has already supported several large projects in the region.

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