PESA Argentina chapter debuts in Buenos Aires

United States Ambassador to Argentina Edward Prado welcomed PESA to his residence in Buenos Aires. The PESA West Texas Steering Committee conducted a school supply drive for local schools in August. PESA in welcoming new Member Companies ProFrac Services, Tomahawk Safety. After a welcome and overview of the oil and gas industry dynamics in Argentina by Ambassador Prado. Alabaster summarized his 36 years of industry experience into chapters highlighting learning experiences. PESA President Leslie Beyer introduced attendees to PESA. The PESA Credit Interchange Division (CID) Committee hosted a roundtable about the working relationships between credit and sales.

PESA hosted its highly-regarded Oil and Gas Industry Training Program for 27 U.S. A new study compiled by 24/7 Wall Street revealed that oil and gas extraction is the top economic driver. Further developing OFES sector relationships with elected officials, PESA and Sunbelt Steel welcomed Sen. It provided background on how the Chapter will benefit PESA companies in Argentina. Scott Livingston discussed PESA’s support of oilfield service and equipment company operations around the globe. PESA’s Emerging Executives Committee hosted PESA Chair Richard Alabaster, President. President Federico Medrano closed the event with a market analysis.

Tim Tarpley, Vice President Government Affairs, PESA says “If Texas were once again its own country, it would rank as the world’s sixth largest energy producer”.

Alabaster summarized his 36 years of industry experience into chapters highlighting learning experiences. Phillip Goodwin began the session with an overview of digital transformation. The donations included 20 of each item on the school supply list. It credit the successful career to a series of Ten Commandments. The Vaca Muerta opportunities for service and equipment companies in the region. The training program was developed 25 years ago to educate global energy influencers on technological innovations. Colorado had the most impactful data, showing a five-year gross domestic product (GDP) increase of 112%.

It allowed the supplies to be distributed among every class in a specific grade in each school. Goodwin shared his perspective on the speed at which digital transformation is happening across all types of industries. The discussion on how to successfully navigate barriers to market entry. One of the key ingredients to successful communication discussed was the need to know audience. The group heard from industry and subject matter experts at Baker Hughes. The industry in the Lone Star State grew nearly 60% over the five years surveyed. Sen. Cornyn toured Sunbelt’s facilities included demonstrations of manufacturing capabilities.

Among the large crowd in attendance were leaders from major oil and gas operators in the region. The boxes were available during Texas’ tax-free weekend, which Wilhelm believes helped increase donations. Trillium Flow Technologies provides mission critical valves, pumps and aftermarket services in oil and gas. It including unexpected visa issues that caused down time on a rig and a mis-run. It shared several specific applications for operators that are currently being used. The large crowd and enthusiasm are indicative of the significant demand. It look forward to connecting with your organization and to a continued relationship.

The Vaca Muerta formation has only been 4% developed thus far and will not be able to become fully developed. PESA Advisory Board Member David Paradis is CEO and Trillium is headquartered in Houston. Accepting opportunities, a central theme in Alabaster’s address, presented itself in various ways. The experience of PESA member companies lead the world in unconventional drilling. PESA’s International Programs Committee directs and develops the FSO Program. The economic impact information revealed that the industry employs thousands of workers. This sector forms the backbone of the middle class in Texas.

During the meeting, potential leaders of the Chapter were identified and a Steering Committee will be formed in the coming weeks. Midland ISD consists of 40 campuses, including 27 elementary schools. Vulcan Industrial is a precision engineering, manufacturing, and machining company dedicated to producing high-performance. It took a risk, left his established career to join a start-up back in New Zealand. Goodwin closed with a view from an energy services company. The end goal in improving communication is to put the credit department in a position to be able to say. The committee of both PESA members and operator partners develops the FSO training course curriculum.

The warm welcome from the Ambassador, Argentine government and operators in the region speak strongly. PESA is proud to support education efforts in the Permian. PESA would like to recognize Advisory Board Members Josh Lowrey, CEO, Galtway Marketing, David Paradis, CEO. Alabaster was recruited to TechnipFMC, where he advanced through what he calls the “classic career-development approach. The service companies need to evaluate their current offerings and processes. It continued positive development of the Chapter moving forward. Rohit Robinson addressed the current significance of artificial intelligence (AI) in many different professional sectors.

PESA President Leslie Beyer says “The technology and innovation of the oilfield services and equipment sector is needed to fully develop Vaca Muerta”.

This kickoff represents the next stage of PESA’s commitment to support its member companies in the United States. A STEM-ready workforce is critical to nation’s energy industry. It was the opportunity to become and be a corporate leader. Ryan Bishop, President, Houston Sales Consultants, LLC, focused on the importance of bringing the credit department. It focus on specializing technical content and promoting industry’s achievements in efficiency. A recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas also showed that while quantifying the economic benefits. The visit marks the eighth PESA Congressional Tour hosted by PESA this year.

PESA is proud to support educators in preparing students for their futures. Alabaster concluded his address by reviewing the “Ten Commandments” he adapted. Robinson explained that in oil and gas, utilizing AI can reduce downtime. It can cause just as much conflict bringing in credit too early. PESA Board and Advisory Board Members met with the FSOs for an industry dinner. The Fed went as far to report that there is good reason to believe that the shale boom added 1% to U.S. GDP. Robinson also presented a use case where Apergy applied AI to detect suction leak risk on a piece of equipment. PESA is serving members by connecting them with commercial opportunities in the region.

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