LAGCOE keynote speaker issues rallying call, to earn social license to operate

Kimberly McHugh, vice president of drilling & completions at Chevron, kicked off LAGCOE 2019 Wednesday morning. Six months after the inaugural Energy Innovators Pitch Challenge. With that pitch, Josh Suttles and his company, Flange Cuff LLC, pulled ahead of nine other finalists for $25,000 in professional marketing. A federal agency that regulates offshore energy production in the Gulf of Mexico is focused on undoing. The 2017 edition of the Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition, or LAGCOE, kicks off Tuesday at the Cajundome in Lafayette. A reminder while the rumors of the demise of the oil industry are greatly exaggerated.

The LAGCOE 2019 Conference Committee is now accepting speaker applications. LAGCOE, a nonprofit energy industry organization focused on promoting commerce. Companies must adapt to continue to meet the world’s evolving energy needs. An event in Lafayette this week had a lot to do with the future of St. Mary Parish. Company highlighting the speed and impact of technical and societal changes on the industry. Suttles actually won two contests, one as the crowd favorite voted on by LAGCOE attendees. Angelle, a household name in Louisiana politics, became director of the Bureau of Safety.

McHugh says “Unfortunately, people better understand finite things”.

McHugh illustrated this by pointing out that, as energy sources evolve and transition over the years. LAGCOE checks in with these candidates to hear of any new successes and milestones reached since LAGCOE 2015. Angelle previously served on the Louisiana Public Service Commission, and has run several unsuccessful campaigns. That’s a bit fewer than the biennial exhibition typically attracts. It experts will inevitably prognosticate about an abrupt end to a given era. Unnecessary regulatory burdens” that discourage capital investment in the Gulf.

The result of oil prices that haven’t fully recovered from precipitous declines starting three years ago. The theme for LAGCOE 2019 is “The Future of Energy Starts Here”. The move allows strategic growth for the organization and increased industry participation in the biennial expo. Peak oil was predicted first in the 1950s, then the 1970s, and even thought leaders are seemingly in a hurry to call the next decline. It also remaining mindful of safety requirements and environmental safeguards. Spotter is a tablet app that allows users to create and manage inspection questionnaires or forms for users in the field.

McHugh addressed some of the misconceptions that persist around how the industry works. Angelle told industry professionals gathered at the Cajundome for the Louisiana Gulf Coast. The decision to host LAGCOE 2019 in New Orleans is rooted in mission to cultivate economic growth. It has a lot to do with the future of the energy industry. The world needs what company offer, and company need to figure out how to offer it to employee. Since presenting at LAGCOE, company have on-boarded a number of new clients. LAGCOE is also the name of the nonprofit organization that produces the exhibition.

It is compatible with current and future needs and expectations. The shale drilling boom over the last decade has propelled the U.S into a dominant position in the natural gas export market. The event was the Louisiana Gulf Coast Oil Exposition, better known as LAGCOE. McHugh observed how land drilling projects are overtaking offshore operations in terms of complexity. The exhibitor index shows a smattering of manufacturers, supply companies, equipment services and other businesses. Company committed to providing a diverse slate of speakers and topics to exhibitions and conferences.

A significantly larger venue will accommodate more exhibitors and an even larger attendee base. LAGCOE brings hundreds of energy industry exhibitors to Lafayette for a combination sales mart, convention and navel-gazing. It used to be that onshore wells were simple. This year’s LAGCOE ended Thursday, but at mid-afternoon the exhibitors who packed the Cajundome floor. It really dwarfs what’s happening in other parts of the world when it look at what’s happening here. The exhibitors aren’t, by and large, the Exxons and BPs of the industry.

Natural gas remains cheap and abundant, but investors are pouring money into massive infrastructure projects. Now, it drilling longer laterals, using more water, and using more sand to achieve production targets. It bring together the great minds of our industry. This promotes growth, diversity, and develops even more connections among Louisiana’s energy industry. Company using too much water, and putting too many trucks on the road. Over the last several years it’s been cool to put the regulated industry on the other side. Most are from Louisiana and Texas, but other states are represented as well and a few exhibitors are coming.

McHugh says “These wells are more technically complex, and they’re more socially complex”.

While technologies for land drilling are racing ahead, offshore technology has begun to lag behind current needs. Suttles and the other nine finalists, all of them chosen earlier this year from a much larger group. Angelle aimed specifically at policies designed to encourage reporting of close-call safety incidents. The technology company need, offshore, doesn’t exist yet. Suttles said that it looks for an equity investment so the company can ramp up manufacturing. LAGCOE is choosing to focus on the future of energy rather than sit around and cry about bad oil prices.

A second-generation drilling engineer, McHugh sees the faster, more widely-distributed use of data as the key. The first LAGCOE was held at the Oil Center in 1953. This begins with making better use of the data generated across the lifespan of a drilling program. The three-day exhibition will feature staples of past events. Data was once considered exhaust during drilling, because the technologies and particularly the processes. LAGCOE 2019 plans to include more than forty (40) one-hour technical sessions. Cmpany will design wells to perform in a range of outcomes, to better leverage the real-time data.

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