Kuwait to resume oil output in area shared with Saudis by March

Kuwait plans to restart oil production by March at the Wafra field that it shares with Saudi Arabia. Kuwait and Ethiopia are in talks to work out an agreement on sending domestic helpers. The Kuwait army has denied claims that recent US air strikes on Iraq were launched from military bases. It more than four years after the neighbors halted output.

The appointment of Ghadeer Mohammad Mahmoud in Kuwait’s new government has drawn sharp criticism. The man, originally named Youssef Al Mehanna, converted to Judaism and adopted the Jewish name Naftali Benya. Wafra has been shut since May 2015, due to a dispute over Saudi Arabia’s renewal of Chevron Corp.’s concession there.

The field will resume pumping by March, Kuwaiti Oil Minister Khaled Al-Fadhel said Wednesday by phone. Kuwait has said it is ready to host Yemen’s opposing factions for UN-sponsored talks aimed at reaching a lasting solution. Kuwait’s parliament voted earlier in the day to ratify the agreement the country reached with Saudi Arabia in December.

Kuwait is optimistic about next week’s Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit. Former Kuwaiti lawmaker Walid Al Tabtabaie, convicted for storming parliament in 2011. Fields in the so-called neutral zone can produce as much as 500,000 barrels a day. State news agency KUNA said Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah asked Shaikh Sabah Al Khalid to form a new government.

More than each of OPEC’s three smallest members pumped last month. Tensions flared up in public between two key members of Kuwait’s outgoing government amid. Kuwaitis and Saudis alike have said a resumption would be unlikely to add significant amounts of oil to the market. The Kuwaiti authorities have said he will be stripped of his citizenship if he goes to Israel.

The offer was made by Kuwait’s delegate to the United Nations Mansour Al Oteibi during a Security Council session on Yemen. Kuwaiti and Ethiopian officials discussed on Tuesday in Kuwait City a draft memorandum. Petroleum Exporting Countries’ production cuts deal runs until the end of March. The annual GCC summit will be held in the Saudi capital Riyadh on December 10.

The neutral zone, spanning more then 5,700 square kilometers was created by a 1922 treaty between Kuwait. The gathering has been preceded by Kuwaiti efforts to resolve the Qatar dispute. In the 1970s, the two Gulf Arab monarchies agreed to divide the area. The announcement came after the caretaker prime minister on Monday declined to be reappointed as premier.

It incorporate each half into their respective territory while still sharing and jointly managing the zone’s petroleum wealth. Kuwait looks forward to the Gulf summit with a lot of optimism. Al Tabtabaie expressed appreciation for the gesture. The region contains two main oil fields: the onshore Wafra and offshore Khafji.

The GCC comprises Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. Kuwait’s Emir had assigned Shaikh Jaber Al Sabah with forming a new government on last Monday. The spat erupted in public on Saturday after Kuwait’s Deputy Prime Minister. Ghadeer was named minister of social affairs, being one of three women ministers appointed for the first time.

Khafji was shut down in 2014 after a spat between the neighbors. Al Tabtabaie is the second ex-MP convicted in the case to return home in recent weeks. Shaikh Nasser took the defence ministerial portfolio in December 2017. The government submitted its resignation to Kuwait’s Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad on last Thursday.

“My message to the Kuwaiti people is to pay more attention to the Iranian danger”, President said.

Kuwait and Ethiopia are in talks to work out an agreement on sending domestic helpers. Al Jarallah hoped that representation at the Riyadh summit will be at the highest level. The Kuwaiti delegate told the UN Security Council that country’s overture is encouraged by recent positive and constructive indications. This will be to the benefit of the Middle East.

Kuwait has set conditions for hiring Ethiopian domestic workers from Ethiopia including efficiency. Earlier this week, the government returned to Aden from Saudi Arabia. In June 2017, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt broke off diplomatic and transportation links with Qatar. Kuwaiti and Ethiopian officials discussed on last Tuesday in Kuwait City a draft memorandum of understanding.

The disagreement escalated over the Wafra field, when Saudi Arabia extended the original 60-year concession of the field. The lawmaker was quoted by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai as saying. The UAE and Bahrain announced sending their national teams to play in the Gulf Cup. Kuwait has set conditions for hiring Ethiopian domestic workers from Ethiopia including efficiency.

It giving California-based Chevron, through its subsidiary Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc., rights there until 2039. Mounting tensions between the US and Iran have prompted Kuwaiti authorities to beef up security. Kuwait was unhappy over the announcement and claims Riyadh never consulted it about the extension. This return is a clear sign that Saudi Arabia and other alliance countries are keen on Yemen’s stability and security.

There are already nearly 18,000 Ethiopians, mainly women, working as domestic helpers in Kuwait. Kuwait hosted inconclusive UN-sponsored talks between the Yemeni government and Al Houthis. The three countries stayed away from the tournament that was due to be held in Qatar. Chevron, which operates Wafra with Kuwait Gulf Oil Co., said in December that it expected full production there to be restored within 12 months.

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