Kongsberg Digital to digitalize Shell’s Nyhamna gas facility in Norway

Kongsberg Digital, a subsidiary of KONGSBERG, signed an agreement to digitalize the Nyhamna facility. KONGSBERG and MAN Energy Solutions have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The company behind the advanced SeaCross navigation system for safe. The contract award includes the full SURF System including Production wells, Gas and Water Injection wells. Students at the Jiangsu Maritime Institute (JMI) in China are to become the latest beneficiaries. Kongsberg Digital has made great strides towards developing and fine tuning our digital offering.

Kongsberg Digital Area Sales Manager Paul Gilkison and AMC principal Michael van Balen signed the agreement. A gas processing and export hub for Ormen Lange and other fields connected to the Polarled pipeline. With installation scheduled for December 2019, the delivery will consist in part of one full-mission K-Sim Offshore simulator. Kongsberg Digital simulators are the platform of choice at the AMC’s world-class Centre for Maritime Simulations. This will be complemented with a full-mission K-Sim Engine room simulator with two models certified by DNV GL.

Geir Haoy, CEO of KONGSBERG says “We are proud to partner with Shell and support their strategy”.

The pairing forms the basis for the coming together of two cutting-edge technical innovations. A/S Norske Shell is entering the partnership as operator of Ormen Lange and on behalf of Gassco. The training aspect is comprehensively covered by Kongsberg Digital’s K-Sim Fast Craft Simulator technology. The value of the contract scope, with a fully realized dynamic digital twin, is approximately 100 MNOK. Mr van Balen continuing relationship with KONGSBERG provides stability in AMC’s training methodology. The agile and iterative deliverables starting from Q4 2019.

The complexity of data capture and transfer drives up the cost of these essentially non-core activities. It designed to provide trainees with a realistic perception of operating in a real-life environment. The K-Sim Offshore vessel simulator with DP system is the first of its kind to be delivered by Kongsberg Digital. KONGSBERG will utilize Kognifai Dynamic Digital Twin to establish a dynamic virtual representation of the gas plant. The Subsea Production System Simulator is an online digital representation of the production system.

The simulator utilizes an advanced physics engine, motion system and hydrodynamic vessel modelling. The real-time provides a window into the wells and flow lines providing information on the hydrocarbons. The new delivery complements KONGSBERG’s existing hardware at the institute. The energy industry is changing fast, and these companies are at the forefront of that change. It continuously updated with integrated information reflecting the status of the facility in real time. The accelerator is hosted at Equinor’s Oslo offices. It gives the capability to run any number of scenarios in a repeatable fashion.

As Technical Service Provider at Nyhamna, Shell will be equipped with the ability to simulate scenarios and uncover new options. The offline mode is used for planning purposes. The JMI is applying to become a national seafarers’ assessment centre. The energy industry in the years to come, through supporting smarter and more efficient ways. It benefits the students but also enables us to learn in the teaching environment as well. Business benefits of digital twin technology for oil & gas industry include real-time view of a facility.

Norway has a world-class energy-technology industry and is recognized as a true global energy hub. Mr Gilkison adds that the agreement demonstrates Kongsberg Digital’s ongoing commitment to meeting. Jalal will be instrumental in this transition and in the further development of our business. Physical models and machine learning algorithms provide virtual sensors and insight into the non-instrumented part. Collaboration between vendors in the industrial digital value chain is therefore a win-win for vendors.

Scenario analysis and to uncover the best options for optimization. Jalal Gseir comes from the position of Chief Financial Officer for Yara Africa. It is the ideal place to engage with subject matter experts if it’s working on disruptive solutions. The continuing engagement allows the AMC to make sure that the product delivering is actually going to address. The capabilities can be used at existing assets to increase production. The selected companies represent solutions within oil and gas, renewables, new business models.

It manage power consumption and reduce carbon footprint. It recognized as a key cultivator of talent for all branches of the maritime industry. Virtual collaboration and common situational awareness across disciplines can drive down maintenance. Kongsberg Digital wants to help the world’s industries with their digitalization journey. It have enjoyed a rewardingly cooperative relationship with KONGSBERG since 2006. With the implementation of the dynamic digital twin company believe Nyhamna will be at the forefront of digitalization.

The collaboration between the industrial software company and the world-leading engine. Shell’s digital strategy is value driven, predicated on finding new and better solutions to drive improved business outcomes. The Subsea Production System Simulator will be built using Kongsberg Digital’s K-Spice Dynamic Process Simulation Platform. With the digital company expect new insights that can leverage to further improve the productivity. It Prior to joining Yara corporate finance in 2015, Jalal held the position of Director in pwc.

Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital says “The Kognifai Dynamic Digital Twin is an open ecosystem designed to utilize a variety of applications”.

The partnership between Shell and Kongsberg to develop a dynamic digital twin of the Nyhamna facility. It could help accelerate the maritime transformation, where new technology and digital solutions enable. The recent achievements present great business opportunities. Company believe continuous innovation, knowledge sharing, and partnerships are key components for success. Mr Gilkison points out that software is continually subject to improvements over the life of the LTSSP. It will be based on an open and collaborative business model, thus entailing opportunities.

Company looking forward to an exciting collaboration in the coming years. It look forward to contributing to the solid project of Kongsberg Digital. With a leading position in digitalization, this is an important milestone for KONGSBERG. It look forward to working with the top ten companies. It will provide more offshore simulation scenarios as well as handling traditional ship navigation training. K-Sim Navigation is based on a cutting-edge technology platform. The commitment is to help customers increase the safety, reliability. The first stage of the delivery is set for fall 2019.

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