India’s Petronet makes $7.5 billion investment to ship U.S. shale gas abroad

Tellurian said it signed a $7.5 billion agreement for India’s Petronet LNG Ltd. Expansion of the capacity of the Dahej LNG Terminal from 15 MMTPA to 17.50 MMTPA. The Company’s Dahej Terminal operated at 107% of its name plate capacity. It could potentially be one of the largest foreign investments in the U.S. to ship shale gas abroad. In the northern part of India, Petronet LNG Foundation (PLF) unveils another important initiative. Petronet will spend $2.5 billion for an 18% equity stake in the $28 billion Driftwood LNG terminal.

Sri Lanka has decided to go ahead with the setting up of an LNG terminal near Colombo with Indian and Japanese companies. Company announced A Shri Prabhat Singh’s taking over as MD & CEO. The largest outside holding so far in the project and negotiate the purchase of 5 MM tons of gas per annum. Petronet LNG announced the arrival of its 1000th cargo under its long term contract with RasGas at Dahej LNG Terminal. The remainder of the total will come from debt, Tellurian Chief Executive Officer Meg Gentle said.

Gentle said in a telephone interview, “We will sign the document sometime in the first quarter and we will have financing ready to close simultaneously”.

Petronet LNG Limited (PLL) and Gangavaram Port Limited (GPL) today signed a firm and binding term sheet. Petronet LNG Limited (Petronet) and Gazprom Global LNG (GGLNG) signs its Singapore affiliate. The companies plan to complete the accord by March 31. The Dahej LNG Terminal achieved yet another milestone with expansion of its capacity from 15 MMTPA to 17.50 MMTPA. It processed highest ever LNG quantities of 816 TBTU, which is 14% above the LNG quantities processed in FY 2016-17.

Tellurian hopes to have signed up partners to enable it to proceed with the project. The two countries in their efforts to strengthen relations have been in discussions on this issue since last more than one year. Shri  Prabhat is a Civil Engineer having graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. TheSri Lankan Government issued a Letter of Intent to the Govt. of India during the visit of External Affairs Minister to Colombo on Sept 1. The Cargo loaded on Petronet’s first vessel Disha on 22nd December.

India is one of the fastest growth markets for LNG and should soon become the second-largest LNG importer. Gazprom Marketing and Trading Singapore (GM&TS), a 100% subsidiary of Gazprom Marketing & Trading company. The deal signed in Houston in the presence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. GPL signed the term sheet in the presence of Shri Sutirtha Bhattacharya, IAS, Principal Secretary. Recently PLF signed agreement with Himalayan Institute of Alternative learning (HIAL), Ladakh. It underscores a record year for the LNG industry.

HIAL, Ladakh, is an alternative university for mountain development devoted to research and education. Petronet LNG Limited (India’s largest LNG importer) will soon form a joint venture with Japanese and Sri Lankan companies. RasGas and Petronet’s relationship signed the first sales and purchase agreement. The surge of new supply from America’s trove of shale gas has rendered the once-premium fuel accessible. The global energy supplier currently makes regular deliveries to Petronet’s Dahej Terminals in India.

Currently the sixth-largest buyer of U.S. LNG. Important discussions were held between Minister of Petroleum Resources Development. SPA is transported through Petronet’s vessels Disha, Raahi and Aseem. People also started America’s largest LNG exporter Cheniere Energy Inc. A Joint Venture of Petronet LNG Limited along with Japanese and Sri Lankan companies will develop an LNG Terminal. The LNG Terminal at Gangavaram Port will comprise of facilities for receiving, storage. It concluded a memorandum of understanding for the long term supply of LNG.

Dahej terminal operated at around 112% of its name plate capacity and processed 217 TBTU of LNG. The United States and India have a significant issue diametrically opposed. HIAL offers courses in responsible tourism, sustainable architecture, applied ecology and entrepreneurship development. Shri Prabhat Singh has been Director of Marketing of GAIL (India) Limited since February 24, 2010. It have too much gas that don’t know what to do with and India needs greater gas. The capacity of the LNG Terminal will be decided upon the gas demand in Sri Lanka.

1 MM tons a time is not going to solve the problem. Under the terms of the agreement, Petronet will receive up to 2.5 million tonnes per annum of LNG. The terminal at Gangavaram Port will have the provision for further expansion like the flag-ship Dahej LNG Terminal of PLL. The Petronet deal, the largest by an Indian company in U.S. LNG, comes days after the gas industry’s all-important GasTech conference. The overall quantities processed by the Company in FY 2017-18 was 848 TBTU as compared to 728 TBTU.

It set to take the podium at Houston’s NRG Stadium with President Trump on Sunday. The LNG terminal would be set up on the western coast of Sri Lanka in close vicinity. Petronet LNG Limited, India premier LNG company had set up first LNG receiving. The Gangavaram LNG Terminal will help meet the growing energy demand of the State of Andhra Pradesh. Dahej terminal operated at around 109% of its name plate capacity and processed 207 TBTU of LNG. It also served as the Chairman of Ratnagiri Gas and Power Private Limited erstwhile Dabhol Power Company. It supports the drilling industry and the pipeline industry.

Lydia Powell says “This deal will further help diversify India’s energy supplies”.

The U.S. wants to displace Middle East supplies and India is a large market. The LNG terminal near Colombo would improve economics of various power plants. Shri Prabhat Singh as Chairman of GAIL Global Singapore Pte Ltd. created a global trading arm at Singapore. The terminal has been expanded to include a second LNG jetty and accommodate larger vessels up to Q-Max size LNG vessels. Petronet’s investment is vying to be the largest by a foreign entity with one that Sempra Energy expects.

Tellurian expects to finalize the last 4 MM tons needed for Driftwood’s first phase with one or two partners. Petronet LNG Limited, presently operating Dahej terminal of 10 MMTPA in the West Coast of India. Petronet’s share represents about $2 billion in annual fuel sales for the life of driftwood. The transaction illustrates the Parties’ objective to develop a direct long-term relationship. The Company has reported PBT of Rs 838 Crore in the current quarter. There is going to be an enormous amount of resources.

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