Fugro completes deepwater AUV surveys for Shell in US Gulf of Mexico

Fugro has completed several high-resolution geophysical surveys in the US Gulf of Mexico. Erik-Jan Bijvank worked at Stork, a Fluor company, for over 20 years. Banedanmark manages Denmark’s public railway infrastructure and is responsible for maintenance, traffic control. The project required data collection over multiple deepwater lease blocks in the greater Perdido. The programme will be completed in three phases over the next 3 years. The second campaign was located offshore Sarawak, Malaysia and began 8 May 2019 onboard the Fugro Equator.

Mars development areas to support clearance of potential environmental, engineering, geological. It follows an extensive trial by SP Energy Networks since 2014. The Dutch province of Limburg is home to several marl caves, which have been dug out over the centuries. A recent week-long operation included accurate remote configuration of the positioning systems onboard the FPSO. The archaeological hazards ahead of planned drilling activities. The data were acquired during two separate hydrocarbon seep surveys in the Orphan Basin.

“Fugro Brasilis is another example of collaboration between Fugro and Shell”.

As the preferred contractor for this project, Fugro deployed a Hugin autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The priority is to keep the railway efficient, safe and on time. The characterisation services will provide geotechnical data acquisition from multiple geotechnical drilling vessels. More than 40 discreet water column anomalies, potential locations of active hydrocarbon seepage. The major upgrade will use innovative technology developed by world leading Geo-data specialist Fugro. The Hugin AUV is depth-rated to 3000 m and equipped with multibeam echosounder.

Fugro and PETRONAS’ geoscientists identified 350 locations for coring and geochemical analysis. Fugro has been awarded a three-year contract, beginning in July. The caves are a major tourist attraction, with over 300,000 visitors a year. This is the first fully remote FPSO heading control operation in the North Sea. Fugro was able to acquire critical seabed information over the project area safely and efficiently. The Municipality of Valkenburg and Geul wants to guarantee the safety of visitors at two of these caves.

It includes headspace gas, total scanning fluorescence and extracted hydrocarbon gas. It fulfilled several senior management roles both in the Netherlands and the UK. Fugro has been awarded a contract to install and maintain a system to monitor rock mechanical safety. It’s enabling significant operational cost savings and derisking through a reduction of offshore personnel. The comprehensive data packages are being licensed by Fugro. Fugro is moving quickly to mobilise for the target start date of mid-September.

It will record the network using aerial survey data. Fugro also used a mix of onboard and in-house processing resources. Fugro will install ‘state-of-the-art’ fibre optics sensors and cables. The Orphan Basin package covers an area of 11,070 square kilometres. Fugro managed the remote operation from its centre in Aberdeen. Fugro’s survey department will provide unexploded ordnance services. Fugro will capture lidar data and aerial imagery to create an accurate 3D representation. Special care will be taken to hide cables and sensors so that they are barely visible.

The targeted approach identifies precise seep locations quickly and accurately. Installation of the system began in July 2019. It meet an accelerated interpretation and reporting schedule. Each survey was followed by heat flow and geochemical sampling and analysis. The model will cover over 41 000 km of SP Energy Networks areas. Fugro has now provided over 100,000 remote service project hours for rig and FPSO positioning. Purchase post lease round is also advantageous from numerous perspectives including guiding.

It will provide a digital foundation for asset inspections. Clients benefit from easy-to-install survey equipment and the flexibility of a scalable tiered service ranging. The measurement data will be stored and presented in Gaia Insight. Fugro is pleased to have assisted Bluewater and the end operator. It bring innovative technology and techniques to site investigations. SP Energy Networks carried out all vegetation management surveys. The critical positioning operation demonstrates the reliability and trusted performance.

“Fugro’s track record in providing reliable geotechnical data”, Erik Vogt, Fugro’s Project Manager said.

The goal is not only to reduce total spend but also to optimise. It’s never been more important to be as agile and proactive as possible. Fugro is offering a highly accurate positioning system. It is clear excitement surrounding Canada’s growing offshore industry. Simultaneously providing superior data quality and ancillary datasets. Company offers considerable financial savings and we were impressed with how smoothly. The landscapes are constantly changing and this can often impact on infrastructure.

A leader in deepwater geophysical surveys, Fugro has acquired more than 172 000 km of AUV data. The stability of the underground marl caves in Valkenburg is essential. The current work for Shell began in July and finished in early October. The data will continue to be useful throughout the life of the field. Company will give the municipality of Valkenburg a real-time view. It ensures the data will deliver long-term value to any client purchasing a licence. The completed project totals over 8500 km of survey data.

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