Enpro Subsea completes latest subsea enhanced production campaign in Ghana

Enpro Subsea has recently completed another two successful subsea hydraulic intervention campaigns for two operators in West Africa. Enpro Subsea has reached a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with Kosmos Energy aimed. Enpro Subsea has welcomed a new senior advisor to bolster the strategic team in the Americas. Operations were conducted from a single Multi Services Support Vessel, which was mobilized out of Takoradi in Ghana. Enpro Subsea has appointed Hal Goldie to its board in a role of non-executive director. Enpro Subsea and DOF Subsea have struck a memorandum of understanding (MoU).

Enpro Subsea has reported its busiest 18 months hitting its key strategic objectives with campaigns. The first of the two campaigns saw Enpro’s Flow Intervention Services (FIS) team deliver scale squeeze operations on five separate subsea wells. In June this year, LLOG Exploration delivered first production from their Crown. The second campaign utilized the same vessel and hardware and included acid stimulation operations. Enpro Subsea has secured investment from EV Private Equity (EV) to grow its production optimisation business. GE Oil & Gas and Enpro Subsea announced an agreement to jointly market.

“This represents another two very successful campaigns for our FIS team”, said Steve Robb, Enpro Subsea operations director.

The hot stab connection onto a further five wells at 1300m (4,200ft), for a different operator. FAM essentially creates an enhanced production ‘USB port’ within the jumper envelope. These two back to back campaigns further enhance the track record for Enpro Subsea’s FIS technology, which has delivered safe. The business has appointed Francesco Santoro as its strategic consultant in South America. Goldie has a career that spans almost 50 years in the oil and gas industry. This was achieved with zero accidents or Loss Time Incidents (LTIs). The enhanced production specialist, which has over 30 personnel based in Aberdeen and Houston.

This milestone also represents an achievement for Aberdeen-based Enpro Subsea. In 2017, the Aberdeen headquartered company first supplied its FIS hydraulic intervention package into the region. The volume of hydrocarbons extracted from offshore fields with subsea wells is typically far lower than offshore fields. The Aberdeen-headquartered subsea company enters 2018 with projects currently ongoing in the UK Continental Shelf. The system provides the capability to transfer the stimulation treatments from a vessel’s pumps to the subsea well. The announcement, at the Subsea Tieback Forum and Exhibition in Galveston, Texas.

It’s via an integrated deployment and subsea safety system. The deal will see the business receive backing from EV Private Equity as part of its pledge to invest $200 million. During well interventions, wells are ‘cleaned’ on the inside. The Subsea Safety Module (SSM) – which sits on the seabed and connects to both the downline and adjacent XT. Since the first deployment in November 2016, the company has seen 35 of its patented Flow Access Modules (FAM). The FAM technology creates an enhanced production ‘USB port’ within the jumper envelope. This first-generation 10,000 psi rated solution, designed for air freight and to service the maximum well stock.

This enables the operator to use standard subsea Xmas trees and manifolds. It has also seen its Flow Intervention Service (FIS) technology used to complete hydraulic intervention projects. It enables the operator to use standard subsea Xmas Trees and Manifolds. It has been deployed from a range of vessel types, offering the operator maximum flexibility. It helps alleviate well production issues caused by scale and other conditions which develop over time. The agreement will allow both companies to work together to pursue targets in the Atlantic region. The cash injection from EV should allow Enpro to further develop the patented flow.

Over the past two years, company have worked with stakeholders in region. Primarily based in Rio de Janeiro, Santoro has previously undertaken leadership roles at Petrobras. It started as an engineering apprentice at Cameron in Scotland in 1969. It optimize the mean time per well operation and improve efficiency of mobilization and demobilization. The company is currently delivering a 15ksi version of its FIS targeted at high pressure subsea fields. All activities, including mobilization, deployment, subsea operations, demobilization and maintenance are executed by the Enpro team.

With the success of 19 FIS operations in West Africa under our belt, company now well placed to deliver these services. The companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly market, sell and operate technology. It access module (FAM) technology as well as capitalise on the success of the flow intervention services. The other region beyond looking for a low-cost hydraulic intervention solution. The Kosmos Flow Access Modules are primarily being used to enable retrievable multiphase metering within the jumper envelope. As part of the Americas focused team, it will be supported by Adam Hudson, vice president (Americas), based in Houston.

Enpro showcased its second generation 15,000psi version at Offshore Europe 2019. Enhanced recovery is a crucial element of our industry´s continuing efforts. Rated for 3,048m (10,000ft) water depth, it encompasses additional functionality and enhanced safety features. The non-exclusive partnership is already in operation in key strategic regions, including West Africa. In addition to hydraulic intervention of the wells, the new system is configurable for other subsea treatments, including hydrate remediation. Former Cameron Subsea Systems senior executive, Hal Goldie, was announced as a non-executive director at Enpro Subsea 1.

“I am delighted to join the Enpro board and the opportunity to work closely with the management team”, said manager.

As well as its FIS system, Enpro Subsea has seen the region adopt its patented Flow Access Module (FAM) technology. Company excited to be competitively coupling the complementary capabilities of DOF and Enpro to provide an independent. The work is being supported by a Scottish Enterprise research and development grant. FAM provides a ‘USB’ within the subsea jumper envelope which is currently being used for both multi-phase. Enpro Subsea was awarded an engineering and procurement contract in August last year by LLOG Exploration. Starting 2018 with news of our partnership with EV Private Equity is exciting. Coupled with a robust order.

The same FAM flow access hub can also be used for hydraulic intervention in the future. The FAM technology simplifies their standard well jumper, enabling longer spans. Enpro Subsea completed work for an operator in the Gulf of Mexico, where its flow access technology reduced project costs. Company very pleased with our success in West Africa. The integrated service offering to operators to enhance production from their existing capital infrastructure. Furthermore, the firm signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DOF Subsea which will enable both parties. The LLOG Flow Access Modules are initially being used to enable independently retrievable multiphase metering.

It have now established Enpro Subsea Ghana Limited, a local joint venture. Enpro Subsea is looking to replicate its successes of flow access module (FAM) technology in Gulf of Mexico. DOF Subsea is an exciting step forward for Enpro as this partnership will allow us to offer a full service. LLOG has a strong reputation for delivering innovative, cost effective projects in record time. Enpro Subsea’s Integrated Subsea Sampling and Injection solution is a small, lightweight system. The adoption of FAM to provide first oil faster and to maximize the potential ultimate recovery. It will allow to expand operations in the region, continue to support existing and new clients.

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