BHGE launches Subsea Connect and Aptara TOTEX-Lite subsea system

Tolfem Investments Limited is a leader in the of Nigerian Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) sales market. As a privately held company, Tolfem Investments Ltd. is committed to and is focused on delivering reliable services to all her clients.

Tolfem Investments Limited is determined to continue to grow in the energy sector and to become one of the recognized leaders in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

By combining planning, new modular deepwater technology, innovative partnerships and digital tools into a single offering, Subsea Connect can reduce the economic development point of subsea projects by an average of 30% and has the potential to unlock an additional 16 Bbbl of reserves globally.

Tolfem Investments Ltd has an excellent track record of reliability in the supply of Bonny light crude oil, BLCO. We protect our buyers with 2% Performance Bond while we also expect protection from our customers with bank instrument from the world’s top banks.

We deliver on TTO, TTT, CIF and FOB basis. BHGE is uniquely positioned to influence approximately 80% of the costs associated with offshore projects. “Our MECONTM Wet Mate 36/500 connector is designed to provide highly reliable connections of subsea high voltage equipment.

While the gap has narrowed, we are taking that to the next level with Subsea Connect, making long-lasting, sustainable change and driving value from concept to commissioning and over the full life of field.”

This provides an unparalleled opportunity to lower operators’ CAPEX and OPEX requirements and transform unsanctioned projects into commercially-viable ones. If you wish to purchase Bonny Light Crude Oil from a reliable seller, contact us today to commence a comprehensive purchase procedure.

The company’s independent workflow begins with targeted project outcomes, offering customers independent, flexible project assessment and management. GE Oil & Gas has completed the qualification of its upgraded 36kV high voltage wet mate connector.

MECONTM WM 36/500 offers far more reliability and predictability in subsea power system connections, and can be used with equipment such as transformers, switchgears, variable speed drives and motor loads.

The company’s fullstream capability covers all aspects of a development, from the reservoir to the topside. The company is layering critical technologies with next-generation digital solutions to drive greater uptime and enhance productivity.

By improving the reliability of subsea power transmission and distribution, MECON™ WM 36/500 supports the ambitions of oil and gas operators to develop cost-efficient subsea production and processing facilities.

The technologies are modular, structured, compact and designed to be more responsive to changing conditions across the life of field, cutting total cost of ownership by up to 50%.

Unlike conventional stab-type connectors, we deploy a unique connection process that ensures that we are in full control of the electrical environment inside the connector before completing the electrical connection” said Alisdair McDonald, Subsea Power & Processing Leader at GE Oil & Gas.

GE uses the same patented technology for all its MECON Wet Mate connectors. A unique in-situ flushing process enables the verification of a benign electrical environment. MECONTM 36/500 has undergone more than a year of extensive testing to comply with the latest industry-wide standards.

BHGE’s engageSubsea asset lifecycle management solution is one example, designed to optimize the planning, execution, and connectivity of subsea projects, resulting in enhanced execution and remote management of asset maintenance.

Company has also signed an agreement with a major operator to provide the Aptara lightweight compact tree for deployment next year.” The flushing process is performed after the connector halves are brought together and before the electrical connections are completed.

Firstly, the connector is flushed with seawater to remove any contaminants, then by fresh water, alcohol, and finally dielectric fluid. The dielectric fluid is analysed to verify a benign electrical environment before the electrical and mechanical connection is completed.

The process is enabled by a closed-loop flushing tool mounted on a conventional ROV and takes less than 20 minutes in total to complete and no fluids are released to the environment.

In addition to offering greater control and predictability compared to conventional stab-type connectors, MECONTM WM 36/500 can act as an isolation switch at rated system voltage and can be used to verify system health prior to commissioning or to find faults after failure.

The connector has been certified for operation up to 36 kV and 500 amperes in water depths down to 10,000ft or 3,000m. Subsea Connect, the Aptara TOTEX-lite subsea system and BHGE’s SPS Catalogue were unveiled today to E&P customers at a launch event in Houston, USA.

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