ADNOC, Pertamina ink partnership for Indonesian infrastructure and LNG supply

Pertamina and ADNOC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Company discuss critical issues facing the energy sector in a world that needs more energy but demands fewer emissions. Company announced a significant investment to upgrade its giant Bab onshore field. It explore potential development of a crude to petrochemicals complex in Balongan.

Company announced its In-Country Value (ICV) Program has driven more than AED 26 billion ($7 billion). ADNOC will utilize Honeywell’s state-of-the-art asset monitoring. ADNOC will supply Pertamina with up to 528,000 MT of LPG by the end of 2020. Chandra Asri and ADNOC also signed a MoU to explore potential supply of naphtha to Chandra Asri in Indonesia.

It would be utilized as a feedstock for their current and potential new cracker complex in Indonesia. ADNOC Drilling plans to acquire dozens of additional land, offshore, and island rigs by 2025. The investment will re-energize ADNOC’s first field producing Murban grade crude. ADNOC continues to deliver against its AED 486 billion capital expenditure (CAPEX) plan for 2019-2023.

“The agreements signed with Pertamina and Chandra Asri will potentially help ADNOC to secure additional in-market”, H.E. Dr. Al Jaber said.

It enabling new domestic value-creation opportunities across the hydrocarbon chain. The platfom to maximize asset efficiency and integrity across ADNOC’s upstream and downstream operations. This announcement is a testament to the success of ADNOC’s international partnership strategy. The news was announced at ADNOC’s 4th annual Business Partnership Forum.

The platform will help predict equipment stoppages. Provisional figures show an increase in visitor attendance by 7 percent. The ability is to consistently deliver innovative value-creation opportunities and the UAE’s strong ties with the Republic of Indonesia. ADNOC Onshore, a subsidiary of ADNOC and the operator of the field, awarded the EPC contract.

The company thanked the private sector for capitalizing on a wide range of commercial opportunities. ADNOC’s predictive maintenance project is part of the company’s flagship Centralized Predictive analytics. At the 4-day event, which ended on November 14, ADNOC made a series of strategic announcements.

Company realizing Indonesia’s energy security in a challenging and complex environment. The expansion program was announced at the 15th annual Rig Owners Seminar. Company expect that both the potential refinery development at Balongan and the direct LPG supply will allow to optimize Indonesia’s oil and gas.

The roundtable, a unique and exclusive, invitation only, gathering to be held under the Chatham House rule. In the address, H.E. Dr. Al Jaber announced ADNOC will join major international oil companies (IOCs). It serve the domestic market through vast distribution networks across the whole archipelago.

The contract has a term of 39 months, was announced at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition. The Murban Futures Contract will replace retroactive pricing with forward pricing. It access new opportunities to meet growing global demand for petrochemical products.

“The agreements with ADNOC will strengthen Pertamina’s ability to carry out its national duty”, Widyawati said.

CPAD underpins ADNOC’s 2030 smart growth strategy. ADNOC capture more value from every barrel of crude it produces. The award follows an extremely competitive and rigorous tender process. This is in line with our heritage and strategy of developing long-term, win-win partnerships as a Growth Partner.

It supporting ongoing mission to contribute to Indonesia’s economic development. ADNOC Drilling’s rig fleet expansion underscores ADNOC’s drive to unlock. The potential Crude to Petrochemicals complex would build upon the ambitions outlined in the comprehensive framework. ADNOC will maintain a robust, profitable relationship with community of suppliers.

The agreement signed by ADNOC and Pertamina in 2019. The industry is entering an era of great opportunities and significant challenges. The accelerating Indonesia’s path towards petrochemical self-sufficiency. The program is a pivotal enabler of plans to substantially increase drilling for conventional oil and gas.

The new Pertamina LPG Sales Agreement with ADNOC will allow for both FOB sales. The major rig expansion program cements ADNOC Drilling’s position. Customers collect product from Abu Dhabi, and CFR sales, in which ADNOC delivers product to customers. ADNOC explained its marketing, supply and trading strategy to over 400 oil.

This flexibility further supports ADNOC’s strategy to deliver more CFR cargos to its customers. The Bab field is integral strategy to create a more profitable upstream business. The new partnership and sales agreements concluded have laid a solid foundation for the next phase. It build upon its trading and logistics capabilities.

ADNOC’s potential supply agreement with Chandra Asri will further expand ADNOC’s reach in Indonesia. ADNOC’s In-Country Value Program underpins this entire effort. ADNOC is applying innovative technologies, embedding sustainability, leveraging value. Company expected to help lay the groundwork for other potential areas of collaboration between the two companies.

ADNOC has embarked on a significant expansion of its downstream business as part of its 2030 smart growth strategy. The importance of In-Country Value (ICV) and ADNOC’s role in stimulating commercial opportunities for the private sector. It’s intention to secure markets for its core hydrocarbon products. ADNOC will deploy Honeywell Forge Asset Monitor and Predictive Analytics solutions.

“Chandra Asri is delighted to explore opportunities with ADNOC in the area of feedstock supply for our current business”, Ciputra said.

It capture greater margins throughout the value chain. The Panorama Digital Command Center currently aggregates real-time information. Company developing and expanding its domestic downstream operations. ADNOC took further strides to embed innovation and cutting-edge technology. The company’s service offering encompasses the entire drilling value.

ADNOC is also exploring a number of targeted international investment opportunities. The scope of the Bab field upgrade project includes the development of oil producing wells. The addition of Honeywell’s solutions will enable the central monitoring of up to 2,500 critical rotating equipment. Company support refining and petrochemicals growth ambitions.

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