ADNOC Drilling completes its first offshore Integrated Drilling Services well

ADNOC Drilling announced the completion of its first offshore integrated drilling services. The discussions between H.E. Dr. Al Jaber and H.E. Mr. Novak coincided with the 24th meeting of the World Energy. The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have announced an agreement. The milestone follows the successful completion of 14 onshore IDS wells over the course of this year. ADNOC Drilling’s transformation into a fully integrated drilling services company. The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced as part of Abu Dhabi’s first ever block licensing strategy.

Company offers start-to-finish drilling and well construction operations. It is establishing a new trading unit within its Marketing, Sales. Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility, being held in Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced its plans to unveil its detailed downstream strategy. The first offshore IDS well delivered to ADNOC Drilling’s client, ADNOC Offshore, was completed ahead of schedule. Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), has signed a contract with Borouge. The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has signed an agreement appointing JODCO Lower Zakum Limited.

“Our first offshore IDS well and the 14 onshore IDS wells drilled over the course of this year”, ADNOC upstream executive director, said.

Building on the strong bilateral relationship, which exists between the UAE and Russia. It follows the announcement last month by excellency Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber. The company also confirmed the attendance of over 30 global CEOs. It have shown an increase in drilling performance by about 25%, resulting in considerable cost savings. Working in partnership is key to safeguarding people, communities and the environment. The ADNOC Downstream Investment Forum will mark the launch of ADNOC’s new downstream strategy. The five-year contract, awarded through a competitive bidding process.

The successful offshore well completion was delivered in record-breaking time. ADNOC Logistics and Services will carry out all handling operations of Borouge’s packed. The agreement, which was announced on the second day of a visit to the UAE. The milestone firmly positions ADNOC Drilling as a leading provider of comprehensive drilling. The unit will introduce and manage non-speculative trading to further maximize value from every barrel of crude oil. It also positions ADNOC Drilling as the first national integrated drilling company in the region at an important time.

The trading unit will capitalize on the size and scale of the company’s crude oil. Partnership among people, to proactively address and mitigate HSE risks, partnership with our industry peers. ADNOC’s new downstream strategy will enable it to become a leading, global downstream player. ADNOC Logistics and Services will handle up to 800,000 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) per annum with skilled labour. In February, INPEX was awarded 10 per cent interest in Abu Dhabi’s offshore Lower Zakum concession. ADNOC’s expansion and new investment in the downstream will accelerate the delivery of its 2030 strategy.

The substantially expanding oil production capacity, unlocking Abu Dhabi’s vast conventional. ADNOC will set out the roadmap for its downstream growth strategy when it hosts its Downstream Investment forum. It create a more flexible, resilient and diverse energy business. the five-year contract with Borouge is a robust vote of confidence in plans to create added value. Unconventional hydrocarbon resources, and driving efficiencies across all of our operations to deliver more value. The licensing strategy represents a major advance in how Abu Dhabi unlocks new opportunities.

ADNOC plans to grow its conventional drilling activity by 40% by 2025. INPEX is in a unique position to leverage synergies between both concessions. The new strategy will be anchored around an unprecedented new investment. ADNOC is being serious about ambition of 100 percent HSE. It substantially ramp up the number of its unconventional wells. In Abu Dhabi, will build on the location’s unique strengths and advantages: increasing its range. It establishing a world class, integrated, logistics and services business in Ruwais. It integrating new drilling and completion capabilities.

ADNOC is open to exploring partnership and co-investment opportunities across the full value chain. The unification of shipping and marine services operations our focus continues to be on servicing. It enables ADNOC Drilling to capitalize on this growth as it supports the wider ADNOC Group. To unlock greater value from the nation’s resources, ADNOC plans to tap into Abu Dhabi’s sour gas. ADNOC business and international clients to the highest standard, without compromising our HSE commitments. It capture more value from every barrel of oil it produces. The new investment program will also significantly boost ADNOC’s contribution.

“Extending our comprehensive oilfield service offering to offshore wells less than a year”, said Abdalla Saeed Al Suwaidi, CEO of ADNOC drilling.

It capitalize the opportunity and make ADNOC more resilient against possible price volatility. The achievement followed by strategic partnership with Baker Hughes. The goal is to become a major global downstream player, creating a strong pull. Further strengthens pivotal role in enabling ADNOC’s planned increase of hydrocarbon production capacity. ODCO will lead the development plans to achieve the concession objectives. ADNOC’s offshore fields contribute close to 50% of ADNOC’s daily oil production capacity. It give the substantial impact wells and drilling have on the cost of upstream projects.

It is essential that ADNOC Drilling effectively replicates the successes. ADNOC is making significant investments in new downstream projects. ADNOC Drilling’s well construction and completion services. INPEX will devote its human and technical resources. Stressing ADNOC’s focus on 100% HSE is fundamental to the success of its 2030 smart growth strategy. The launch of these large new licensing blocks is an important step for Abu Dhabi. The new initiative, fully in line with ADNOC’s previously expanded partnership. It improve knowledge transfer and providing employment opportunities for UAE nationals.

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